Read these questions, and ask yourself if you want help to:

  • End your husband’s or partner’s porn addiction or affairs?

  • Create for himself a happier and more satisfying life through personal growth work?

  • Get your partner’s anxiety, depression, OCD, PTSD, or some other mental health issue treated by a therapist he’ll like and he’ll want to continue counseling with?

  • Get your husband to stop drinking or drugging so much?

  • Make your husband fall in love with you again?

  • Stop hurting and abusing you and the kids?

  • Encourage him to talk more with you, maybe even talk to you about his feelings?

  • Spend less time secluding himself in his man-cave, both physically and emotionally, to get him to come up for air once and awhile?

  • Create a healthy sexual life which satisfies both of you?

  • Spend more time with you and your family instead of hanging out so much with other guys—drinking, playing or watching sports?

If these questions resonate with you, we invite you to send your partner to us for counseling. Or, you and your husband can come in together. Or, you can come in yourself to get some help to help your husband. Call us at (231) 487-6019.

For twenty-five years, we’ve been guiding men to change their wayward and destructive behaviors. We’ve helped men learn to avoid abusive behavior, stop using porn and substances, end affairs. We teach them to let go of their anger, and to learn how to resolve conflict in constructive ways. We help them find a new and liberated masculinity. We’ve shown men how to be better listeners, lovers, and fathers. In our individual and group counseling for abusive men, chemically dependent males, and “regular guys” who just want to have better self-esteem and more loving relationships, we find that men often make remarkable progress.

If you’re disappointed, frustrated, even ready to walk out the door, send him to us.

We also help women to understand men and their errant behavior, develop better boundaries, and make more informed decisions about their relationships and marriages. When you talk with our male therapists, you’ll get answers to your questions from men who have treated men for many years, but also have also learned from their own struggles and successes as a member of the male tribe.

One of the men who attended our individual and group therapy wrote:

"There is no doubt in my mind that without the help at The Men’s Counseling Center, I would have continued to live in a cycle of ups and downs marked by a trail of ruined relationships and increasing anxiety and depression. Now, I’ve broken out of my old patterns; I’ve stopped yelling and walking out. Brenda and I have a great relationship."

A client’s wife told us:

"Bob was such an aggressive guy: he used to lecture the kids about homework, chores, watching too much TV. He was always yelling at Cayla, our ten-year-old. Finally I told him his rage at the kids had to stop or we’d leave. Much as he hated it, he started attending the men’s group. It’s been about a year now, and last week, I heard Bob and Cayla at the kitchen table, and she was crying, and I assumed the worst—he’s angry at her for not being able to do some math problem. When I went in, she was crying about a friend who’s moving away, and he’s holding her hand. Wow, going from making her cry to being with her when she’s crying. I could hardly believe it."

Solutions for Your Life

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